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Zwelethu Machepha selected for 2016/2017 edition of Art Residency Project in Rome, Italy

April 14, 2016

Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Rome and Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town are pleased to announce that the South African artist selected for the 2016/2017 Edition of ARP- Art Residency Project - is Zwelethu Machepha.

Financed by MAECI, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and have the patronage of the Italian Embassy in South Africa and the South African Embassy in Italy, the residency will take place in Rome starting the 3rd of May, 2016, after which the artist will have a solo exhibition, at Centro Di Sarro, opening on May 31st 2016. The exhibition and the residency will conclude on 11 June and 13 June 2016, respectively.


Shany Van Den Berg to participate in BP Portrait Awards 2016

April 10, 2016

Gallery Artist Shany Van den Berg's Self, 21x30cm, 2016 is one of 50 finalists in this years BP Portrait Awards 2016 at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Teasing out connections can prove a rewarding task

March 20, 2016 - Tim Liebbrandt

Tim Liebbrant reviews Nigel Mullin's Retrogressive Propaganda exhibition in the Sunday Argus.

"Seen from a distance, his subject matter is easily recognisable as archival photographs of mostly femaile figures. As one moves closer, what was previously a faithful recreation melts into an indecipherable mishmash of dense impasto paint bursting from its frame.''


CIRCA Settles in London: Siobhan Keam in conversation with Georgie Shields

March 10, 2016 - Siobhan Keam, ART AFRICA

With just over a week to go until the opening of CIRCA Gallery in London on March 17th, director Georgie Shields speaks to Siobhan Keam of Art Africa about the new Chelsea gallery.

"...given an appropriate platform, artists from Southern Africa do as well as artists from anywhere else in the world.''

Read more in the March issue of ART AFRICA


Cape Town Art Fair to serve as showcase for ‘Tomorrows’ artists

February 18, 2016 - The Next 48 Hours

Everard Read artist Thania Petersen was featured on the front page of The Next 48 Hours newspaper. Petersen's striking photograph, Queen Colonaaier and her Weapons of Mass Destruction, adorned the front page article detailing the Cape Town Art Fair's Special Project Space, Tomorrows / Today.

Petersen, who describes her work as quite theatrical in style, gives a voice to her community – Indonesian descendants living in South Africa. She will be showing a video titled ‘Baqa’ alongside her ‘Rampies’ installation. Together the two engage the senses and speak of the Cape Malay people’s spiritual rituals. She will also be presenting a second body of work called ‘Botanical Imperialism’, comprised of two photographs highlighting the impact of colonialism both on the natural environment and Petersen’s people.

Read the full article here:


Visual splash at weekend Art Fair

February 16, 2016 - Lucinda Jolly

The 4th edition of the Cape Town Art Fair will be showcased at the CTICC from Friday to Sunday. Lucinda Jolly previews. 

Matthew Partridge, the recently elected director of the Cape Town Art Fair says that ''his primary mission is to generate three primary conversations. Firstly, while he believes that the SA art market was consolidated at the Joburg Art Fair seven or eight years ago, he wants to “recenter” Cape Town within the SA art world. Secondly, he wants the fair to engage with neighbours on the African continent by including galleries from Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Senegal. Thirdly, dialogue with Europe via galleries from Italy, Germany, France, Belgian and the UK reconfiguring Africa’s place – especially given that contemporary African art is so hot right now. This year’s Amory Show which opens a week after the CTAF has an African focus.''

Read the full story here:




February 10, 2016 - Elle Decoration

"A variety of emotions and personal experiences will all be translated into art as part of the Tomorrows/Today special project taking centre stage at the Cape Town Art Fair. Featuring a rich array of mediums the special project will give art enthusiasts, investors and collectors the opportunity to experience the works of eight emerging artists from around the continent. 

The special project aims to open up ideas about consumption by considering the ways in which tomorrow’s artists should not be pinned down by today’s ideas. It contemplates the ways in which human beings are consumed by so many aspects of life.''

Read the full article here:


Mail & Guardian: Wayne Barker: A new image with change of medium

February 5, 2016 - MARY CORRIGALL

Mary Corrigall interviews Wayne Barker for the Mail & Guardian.

"'The renowned South African artist has turned to silkscreening for his latest exhibition but his trademark touches remain.''


Times Live: "World Changing: More tales of paint and dirt''

February 2, 2016 - Tymon Smith

Times LIVE interviews Wayne Barker about his solo show The World that Changed the Image in Johannesburg. 


Deborah Bell: Echoes of Antiquity

January 14, 2016 - Delaire Graff Estate

Everard Read Artist Deborah Bell was featured in VIEWS: The Journal of Delaire Graff Estate. 

A trasncendant scultpuror, painter and print maker, Deborah Bell is one of South Africa's most celebrated artists. Bell is renowned for producing highly mystical and personal works in a variety of mediums.