BLESSING NGOBENI: Oppressor of The Oppressed



BLESSING NGOBENI: Oppressor of The Oppressed
Mar 9 – Mar 23, 2024

Everard Read Cape Town exhibits a new body of work by Johannesburg-based artist Blessing Ngobeni, and launches his latest book, Ntsumi Ya Vutomi (which can be translated as ‘Messenger of Experience’).

Ngobeni is known for his potent collage paintings, which feature distinctively fragmented and distorted characters. With this body of work, comprising three large-scale works on canvas, Ngobeni invites viewers to reflect on both the positive and negative aspects of history. He delves into the complexities of oppression within African societies, examining historical legacies and contemporary challenges.

“My work confronts the exploitation of natural resources by ruling elites,” the artist comments, “highlighting the complicity of these leaders in perpetuating oppression.” Employing symbolic imagery such as guns, spears and masks, he critiques power dynamics and explores themes of sex, power and Western influence.

Through his creative process, Ngobeni also draws inspiration from African heritage and encourages a reclamation of cultural identity and pride. Utilising a palette of brown and black shades, with highlights of gold, he seeks to contribute to meaningful change and foster a deeper understanding of rich diversity within African societies.


Opening reception: Saturday 9th March




Artwork & installation images by Michael Hall