GUY DU TOIT: On a Roll



GUY DU TOIT: On a Roll
Jul 7 – Jul 27, 2021


Everard Read Cape Town is delighted to share the latest collection of bronze hares by Guy du Toit.

The hare is a lively, witty, likely-to-do-the-unpredictable sort of animal. Under Du Toit’s deft manipulation, it has come to stand as a surrogate for our human existence, as well our relationship with the natural and social world, allowing us to smile at both it and ourselves.

In ‘On a Roll’, the hares move through their world – often on wheels – with a sense of joyful aimlessness, ears blowing in the wind, arms waving in the air. Some have taken a moment to rest, considering their next destination.

Perhaps now more than ever – in the midst of another strict lockdown, once again separated from the comfort of others – we should emulate these lagomorphs. Whether riding alone on a skateboard, or holding their children’s hands, or just sitting on a bench next to their partner, these mindful creatures are able to tune into their inner worlds and find peace, satisfaction and joy in what they have. 


*Face masks are required and must be worn at all times when visiting the gallery