WATER DIXON: Equanimity



WATER DIXON: Equanimity
Nov 5 – Nov 25, 2020

Everard Read Cape Town presents artist duo Water Dixon’s first solo show with the gallery. The show is titled EQUANIMITY and showcases a new body of work. 


We have been exploring the practice of equanimity: the process of maintaining 

balance amidst change. Balance exists physically and temporally in the tension between two forces, the moving of energy along opposing arcs. We are constantly in flux, adjusting to an ever-changing environment with little to no control. 

So how do we respond when things inevitably shift?

The work we have been exploring looks at the mechanics of achieving evenness. How do we create balance for ourselves. Within ourselves. For our community. And in our work.



Walkabout dates:

7th Nov

14th Nov 

21st Nov


All walkabouts will start at 11am



*Face masks are required and must be worn when visiting the gallery