ERIN CHAPLIN: Path through mountain



ERIN CHAPLIN: Path through mountain
Sep 10 – Sep 26, 2020

‘I started making this work during lockdown. I certainly did not want to make a show about quarantine life as we talk about it non-stop. But in reality, looking at Path Through The Mountain, it relates to everything that has happened over this year. The process of painting has been very different with this collection, applying thin layers of paint, as my usual impasto layers felt unnecessary and excessive. Using too much colour likewise felt opulent.

The muted tones do, however, carry a lot of weight. For me reds often symbolise pain, but with this work they are also used for warmth and fear, vulnerability and delight. Red earth mounds for burial. The blues and greys are a tool to bring peace, a step towards calm. Milk. A baby blanket.

The figures in this body of work are ghostly. Some were painted at the beginning of lockdown when we couldn't see anyone else. I felt totally separated from my loved ones, and painting them made me feel close to them. We can all relate to feeling alone. Not knowing what to expect from this growing and changing world.’

Self-taught artist Erin Chaplin (b. 1988 Durban) works mainly with oil. She has had two solo exhibitions at the Voorkamer Gallery, Outgrowth (2017) and Nice for What (2018). She has also exhibited in group shows at Chandler House, Imibala Gallery, the Irma Stern Museum & Everard Read. Chaplin is currently based in Cape Town


*Face masks are required and must be worn when visiting the gallery