FaithXLVII is an internationally-acclaimed visual artist from South Africa who has been applauded for her ability to resonate with people around the world. Through her work, FaithXLVII attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. In this way, her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories and existential search.

Channelling the international destinations that have been imprinted on her after two decades of interacting with urban environments as one of the most renowned and prolific muralists, she continues to examine our place in the world.

Using a wide range of media intended for gallery settings, her approach is explorative and substrate appropriate, including found and rescued objects, shrine construction, painting, projection mapping, video installation, printmaking and drawings.

The seeds for FaithXLVII’s works begin with a raw intimacy. Exploring the duality of human relationships, her imagery carries the profound weight of our interconnectedness.

While some people see a dilapidated building as proof that the world is purging itself of the unwanted, FaithXLVII is reclaiming these forgotten elements with a sensuality of her own and presenting them with a virtuoso’s skill-set.





Universal Studios Indoor Artwork Commission, Los Angeles, USA
Dictator Art Installation, Columbia
Design Indaba Talk and AURUM Performance, Cape Town, South Africa
The Freedom Piece Group Exhibition- The Pailpat Hotel, Los Angeles, USA
20 Year Anniversary Exhibition, Cory Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Together Group Exhibition, KP Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Conquête Urbaine, Calais Museum of Fine Art, Paris, France
United Labor Organization 100 Year Mural, New York City, USA
Maya Angelou School Mural Upliftment Project, Los Angeles, USA
Mural Arts Large Mural Production, Philadelphia, USA
Mural commission, Charlottesville, USA
Projection Mapping Mural, BLINK, Cincinnati, USA



Cape Town Art Fair, Everard Read CIRCA Gallery Cape Town, South Africa
Short Film Festival CortoLovere, Italy
Mana Contemporary Group Exhibition,
Moniker Art Fair, New York
Grand Opening Mirus Gallery, Denver, USA
Beyond The Streets, Los Angeles, USA
Mural Project, Vancouver, Canada
Mural Project, North Carolina, USA
Artmosphere, Russia
One Way Through, Group Exhibition, Heron Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Elixir, Solo Exhibition, Miami, USA
Moniker Art Fair, London, UK
Destination 131, Paris, France
Summit LA18, Los Angeles, USA
Conquête Urbaine, Paris, France
Women in Street Art, Paris, France



Production for CNN African Voices, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa

Urban Currents, group show, Gallerie Kirk, Denmark

Digard Auction, Tribute to Paris, Paris, France

Magic Cities exhibition, Munich, Germany

Production for ARTE TV, Naples, Italy

UrbanArt Biennale®, UNESCO Voelklinger Huette World heritage site, Germany.

Homeless,  group exhibition curated by Axel Void, Miami, USA

Art Council Public art intervention, New Orleans, USA

Urban Nation Museum, group exhibition and public art intervention, Berlin, Germany



 XX: A moment in time, Saatchi Gallery, London

 Cities of Hope Mural Project, Manchester, UK

Inter|urban Mural Project, Cleveland USA

Freedom as Form Group Exhibition, Wunderkameren Gallery – Milan, Italy

M10 – Urban Nation Museum Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Agitprop, Brooklyn museum, New York, USA

Wynwood Walls, Art Basel, Miami, USA



Aqua Regalia Solo Exhibition, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, USA

Pow Wow Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

Landfill Meditation Street Intervention, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dragon Tiger Mountain Mural Project, Nanachang, China

Ono’u Mural Project, Tahiti

Festival Mural, Montreal, Canada

The Psychic Power of Animals Street Intervention, New York, USA

Murals for Oceans Expedition Mural Project, Cozumel, Mexico



Aqua Regalia Solo Exhibition, London, UK

Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary Group Show, Paris, France

Library Street Collective Group Show, Basel, Miami, USA

Redux Group Show, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Artscape Mural Project, Malmo, Sweden

5 Sector Mural Project, Glasgow, Scotland

Djerbahood, Djerba, Tunisia

Forest for the Trees Mural Project, Portland, USA

Rencontres Australes d’Imaitsoanala, Antananaraivo, Madagascar

Outdoor Urban Art Festival, Rome, Italy

The Art of Collaboration Wynwood Walls, Basel, Miami, USA

Artesano Mural Project, Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic



Women on the Walls Group Exhibition, Jeffrey Deitch and Wynwood Walls – Miami, USA

Wooster Collective 10 Year Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, USA

XII. Into the Dark Group Exhibition, Unit44, The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle, UK

Brotkunsthalle Group Show, Vienna, Austria

Beyond Eden Group Exhibition, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Anniversary Group Show, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Memorie Urbane Mural Project, Gaeta, Italy

Sculptura Viva International Symposium, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Nuart Mural Project, Stavanger, Norway

MAUS Mural Project, Malaga, Spain

Avant-Garde Urbano Mural Project, Tudela de Navarra, Spain

Los Muros Hablan Mural Project, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pow Wow Mural Project, Hawaii



Fragments of a Burnt History Solo Exhibition, David Krut Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

Antenna Garden Dal & Faith47 exhibition, Rtist Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

International Women, Warrington Museum Group Exhibition, London, UK

Mural Project, Tel Aviv, Israel

Aarhus International Mural Project, Aarhus, Denmark

Group Show, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Mural Project, Sion, Switzerland

Mural Project, Melun, France

Wall Therapy Mural Project, Rochester, New York, USA

Wynood Walls, Miami, USA



Urban Painting Group Show, Milan, Italy

Group Exhibition, Wuppertal Museum, Germany

Group Exhibition, Warrington Museum, London, UK

Gossip Well Told Group Show, Blackall Studio, London, UK

Les murs litinerrance Group Show, Paris, France

Urban Mural Project, Greece

City Leaks Mural Project, Cologne, Germany

Inner Walls Mural Project, Milan, Italy

Batelier Mural Project., Slovakia



Moniker Art Fair, London, UK

Design For Humanity Group Exhibition, Thinkspace, Los Angeles, USA

For Those Who Live In It Group Exhibition, Mu Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Le Salon Du Cercle De La Culture Group Show, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Stroke03 Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

Escape Art Fair, Vienna, Austria

Biennial, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Focus10 Art Fair, Switzerland

Urbanus International Mural Project, China

Muao Mural Project, A Coruna, Spain



The Generations Group Show, The Showroom Gallery, New York, USA

Epitaph Solo Show, Mrego, Brussels, Belgium

Four Group Show, 34 Long Fine Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Artotale International Mural Project, Lueneberg, Germany



The Restless Debt Of Third World Beauty Solo Show, Atm Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1st Internationale Graffiti Bienale, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Anything Could Happen Group Exhibition, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Be Girl Be Mural Project, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, USA

Pick Of The Harvest Group Exhibition, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



Lines Of Attitude Group Exhibition and Mural Project, South Africa And Kenya



Subglob Group Exhibition, Orebro, Sweden

Go Gallery Group Exhibition, Amsterdam