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Nataal’s highlights and favourite art works from the debut edition of AKAA (Also Known As Africa) art fair

November 22, 2016 - Helen Jennings |

Without a doubt, the maiden voyage for AKAA (Also Known As Africa) was a rousing success and Nataal enjoyed the ride. The international art fair devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa attracted 15,000 visitors to Carreau du Temple in Paris last week to enjoy works by over 100 artists plus insightful performances and debates. “AKAA paves the way for a meeting place where the actors of the contemporary art market from Africa come together to exchange dialogue and share with spontaneity,” says founder and director Victoria Mann.


Beth Diane Armstrong wins Standard Bank Young Artist Award

October 27, 2016 - South African Cultural Observatory

Thirty-one-year-old Beth Diane Armstrong is regarded as a leading sculptor of her generation. For the last number of years, she has worked predominantly on monumental artworks made of mild and stainless steel. Multimedia artist Dineo Seshee Bopape (35) uses experimental video montages, sound, found objects, photographs and sculptural installations in her work which has been shown in the US, the Netherlands and the 12th Biennale de Lyon.

Watch a video about the artist here -


How South African sculptor Dylan Lewis creates beasts in bronze

October 25, 2016 - Jonathan Foyle | Financial Times

Bronze sculpture is at home in the grounds and interiors of great houses — and for good reason. The grandeur of this lustrous dark matter lies in its use for works of world art spanning 3,500 years. The earliest known bronze sculpture is the tiny Mohenjo-Daro figurine from the Indus valley, created well before Greek Zeus figures, Chinese crucibles, Inca cogged discs or Landseer’s lions in London’s Trafalgar Square.


'Ruin Lust:' Matthew Hindley at Everard Read, Johannesburg

October 20, 2016 - Danny Shorkend | ART AFRICA

Matthew Hindley has extended his series of paintings, entitled 'Resurrection' exhibited at Everard Read in Cape Town last year with its focus on fire and destruction in a new body of work and has developed a slightly different stylistic methodology. His most recent body of work, 'Ruin Lust' at Everard Read in Johannesburg explores the fascination, even aesthetic beauty, associated with violence, explosions, and bomb blasts. In conversation with the artist, what became evident is that in his steering away from the merely 'pretty,' the artist wishes the viewer (and he himself) to confront the shadow side; that a recognition of one's lust for violence and chaos may in fact be cathartic. Tragedy in art may ironically lead to healthier or more profound living.

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October 1, 2016 - Jeanne Mercier

C’est une culture, un peuple et ses

légendes que Thania Petersen aborde dans

un travail de mise en scène aux frontières

du kitsch. Prenant la pose en

costume dans des décors décalés, l’artiste

sud-africaine évoque son histoire

personnelle et celle de sa communauté,

issue d’esclaves malais et indonésiens.


Anxious Landscapes: Pastoral Abstraction at Everard Read

April 20, 2016 - Quanta Gauld | Art Throb

Quanta Gauld of Art Throb reviews Everard Read CT's April group show, Pastoral Abstraction.

“all that stuns the soul, all that imprints a feeling of terror, leads to the sublime” (Diderot).

The above quote serves as the opening line for the exhibition guide for  ‘Pastoral Abstraction’. The title immediately harks back to an art historical understanding of the pastoral, a genre of 19th century landscape painting that glorified human dominion over and cultivation of the natural environment. This reference provides a crucial starting point to consider the works on show. Drawing on the concept of the sublime, ‘Pastoral Abstraction’ is a contemporary effort to visualise the place of humans in nature in the context of the current historical moment.

Read the full story here.


Zwelethu Machepha selected for 2016/2017 edition of Art Residency Project in Rome, Italy

April 14, 2016

Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Rome and Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town are pleased to announce that the South African artist selected for the 2016/2017 Edition of ARP- Art Residency Project - is Zwelethu Machepha.

Financed by MAECI, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and have the patronage of the Italian Embassy in South Africa and the South African Embassy in Italy, the residency will take place in Rome starting the 3rd of May, 2016, after which the artist will have a solo exhibition, at Centro Di Sarro, opening on May 31st 2016. The exhibition and the residency will conclude on 11 June and 13 June 2016, respectively.


Shany Van Den Berg to participate in BP Portrait Awards 2016

April 10, 2016

Gallery Artist Shany Van den Berg's Self, 21x30cm, 2016 is one of 50 finalists in this years BP Portrait Awards 2016 at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Teasing out connections can prove a rewarding task

March 20, 2016 - Tim Liebbrandt

Tim Liebbrant reviews Nigel Mullin's Retrogressive Propaganda exhibition in the Sunday Argus.

"Seen from a distance, his subject matter is easily recognisable as archival photographs of mostly femaile figures. As one moves closer, what was previously a faithful recreation melts into an indecipherable mishmash of dense impasto paint bursting from its frame.''