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Anxious Landscapes: Pastoral Abstraction at Everard Read

April 20, 2016 - Quanta Gauld | Art Throb

Quanta Gauld of Art Throb reviews Everard Read CT's April group show, Pastoral Abstraction.

“all that stuns the soul, all that imprints a feeling of terror, leads to the sublime” (Diderot).

The above quote serves as the opening line for the exhibition guide for  ‘Pastoral Abstraction’. The title immediately harks back to an art historical understanding of the pastoral, a genre of 19th century landscape painting that glorified human dominion over and cultivation of the natural environment. This reference provides a crucial starting point to consider the works on show. Drawing on the concept of the sublime, ‘Pastoral Abstraction’ is a contemporary effort to visualise the place of humans in nature in the context of the current historical moment.

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